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Turkey is the world’s first destination for conservative tourism, as it enjoys a large number of beaches, tourist islands, and scenic views. 

In addition to its moderate climate in summer, which qualifies it to be the focus of attention of Muslims and other tourists. These places are characterized by high services and five-star hotels, and this tourism (halal tourism) is also compatible with some of the most important Islamic legislation, from serving halal food and not having any kind of liquor, and the availability of mosques, there are also private beaches for families that are characterized by modesty, and some beaches are for women only, which gives them the opportunity to enjoy their privacy. 

halal tourism Turkey: Halal hotels 

Turkey is one of the most enthusiastic about the concept of halal tourism. If you are looking for a beach vacation that matches your beliefs, Turkey should definitely be at the top of your list! Some of the best Islamic hotels in the world are located in the Antalya region of Turkey, specifically in the resort of Alanya, and there are also halal hotels on the Turkish Aegean coast such as the resorts of Marmaris. 

There are also other types of halal hotels in Turkey, such as hotels with golf facilities, spas, and even ski hotels. 

Among these hotels: 

Ajwa Sultanahmet Hotel

 Wome Deluxe Hotel 

Villa Asma Hotel

Seal Beach Resort 

Angel’s Marmaris Hotel 

You can find more options through the (halal booking) website:

halal tourism Turkey: Halal hotels for skiing 

Turkey has high mountainous terrain and excellent snow level, which makes it an ideal destination for ski lovers. 

Turkey is known for a number of world-class ski resorts, the tallest of which is Uludag Mountain, only 36 kilometers from Bursa, the first Ottoman capital in Turkey. 

The ski height of Uludag mountain ranges between 1750 and 2543 meters and the resort has beautiful tree-lined walkways in the style of an alpine resort. The mountain can be reached easily by using the cable car (the crane), the longest elevator in the world. Buff Uludag Sky Resort is the largest and first Islamic ski resort. 

The town of Palandoken, located in southeastern Anatolia, has the largest ski area in Turkey.

 Erciyes is a popular holiday destination, with soft snow and its highest peaks remain covered with snow throughout the whole year. 

halal tourism Turkey: Hotels attached to golf 

The Mediterranean resort of Belek is a world-class Turkish golf center in a stunning location. 

In Belek, you will find the first golf hotel in Turkey, the Altis Resort & Spa, which is ideal for golfers. 



halal tourism Turkey: Halal restaurants in Turkey 

Istanbul, the most beautiful city in Turkey, embraces many distinctive restaurants that offer the most delicious Turkish and non-Turkish meals and food. 

We will present to you a group that includes the best restaurants in Istanbul: 

halal tourism Turkey: Suda Kebab Restaurant 

Suda Kebab is one of the well-known Istanbul restaurants, famous for its diverse local dishes. 

Which includes a wide variety of Turkish cuisine, especially the famous Antabian cuisine, In addition to dessert and other dishes. 

halal tourism Turkey: Nusret Istanbul Restaurant 

Nusret Restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Istanbul, it is distinguished by its wonderful atmosphere and offers an extensive menu of delicious food and dishes. 

The restaurant provides distinctive views and the prices are relatively high in the restaurant, but it lives up to the quality of the food and service provided. 

Istanbul City Restaurant. 

King Istanbul Restaurant. 

Sirvan Sofrasi Restaurant And many other luxury restaurants, which all Turkish cities boast, especially the tourist areas.

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