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The Republic of Turkey is located between the continents of Asia and Europe, where the largest part of it is located in the continent of Asia, and only about 3% of it is in the continent of Europe. Turkey is divided administratively into 81 provinces that are administered by “governors”. 

 And one of the most popular city in Turkey is “Istanbul”, which is the most important tourist destination in the country and the center of its culture and economy and it has the attention of a lot of people around the world and the highest population which is over 11 million then “Ankara” the capital, which is the center of industry and commerce, and Antalya, its most famous city on the Mediterranean, along with many famous cities, and here are the names of the most popular city in Turkey arranged according to the total area of ​​each governorate: 

The names of the most popular city in Turkey arranged according to the total area: 

Konya is the largest in Turkey, with an area of ​​40,824 square kilometers Then comes the provinces of “Sivas”: area of 28,488 square kilometers. Here are the most popular city in Turkey arranged from the largest to the smallest

City Area in square kilometers
Konya with area of 40824 square kilometers
Sivaswith area of 28488 square kilometers
Ankarawith area of 25706 square kilometers
Erzurumwith area of 25066 square kilometers
Antalyawith area of 20723 square kilometers
Vanwith area of 19069 square kilometers
Şanlıurfawith area of 18584 square kilometers
Kayseriwith area of 16917 square kilometers
Karashahrwith area of 16917 square kilometers
Mersinwith area of 15485 square kilometers
Diyarbakirwith area of 15355 square kilometers
Afyonwith area of 14570 square kilometers
Yozgatwith area of 14123 square kilometers
Adanawith area of 14030 square kilometers
Manisawith area of 13810 square kilometers
Eskişehirwith area of 13652 square kilometers
Kastamonuwith area of 13108 square kilometers
Muglawith area of 12974 square kilometers
Çorumwith area of 12820 square kilometers
Balikesirwith area of 12496 square kilometers
Denizliwith area of 12321 square kilometers
Malatyawith area of 12313 square kilometers
Erzincanwith area of 11974 square kilometers
Izmirwith area of 11973 square kilometers
Kütahyawith area of 11875 square kilometers
Ağrı with area of 11376 square kilometers
Bursawith area of 11043 square kilometers
Tokatwith area of 9959 square kilometers
Canakkalewith area of 9737 square kilometers
Karswith area of 9587 square kilometers
Samsunwith area of 9579 square kilometers
Karamanwith area of 9163 square kilometers
Karamanwith area of 9163 square kilometers
Ispartawith area of 8993 square kilometers
Mardinwith area of 8891 square kilometers
Elazigwith area of 8455 square kilometers
Muswith area of 8196 square kilometers
Bingolwith area of 8125 square kilometers
Aydinwith area of 8007 square kilometers
Adiyamanwith area of 7871 square kilometers
Tunceliwith area of 7774 square kilometers
Artvinwith area of 7436 square kilometers
Boluwith area of 7410 square kilometers
Cankiriwith area of 7388 square kilometers
Nigdawith area of 7312 square kilometers
Sirnakwith area of 7172 square kilometers
Hakkariwith area of 7121 square kilometers
Giresunwith area of 6934 square kilometers
Burdurwith area of 6887 square kilometers
Bitliswith area of 6707 square kilometers
Gumushanewith area of 6575 square kilometers
Kirklareliwith area of 6550 square kilometers
Tekirdagwith area of 6339 square kilometers
Edirnewith area of 6279 square kilometers
Urduwith area of 6001 square kilometers
Gaziantepwith area of 6000 square kilometers
Ardahanwith area of 5661 square kilometers
Amasyawith area of 5520 square kilometers
Nevsehirwith area of 5467 square kilometers
Siirtwith area of 5406 square kilometers
Hataywith area of 5403 square kilometers
Usakwith area of 5341 square kilometers
Istanbulwith area of 5170 square kilometers
Sakaryawith area of 4895 square kilometers
Trabzonwith area of 4685 square kilometers
Batmanwith area of 4649 square kilometers
Aksaraywith area of 4589 square kilometers
Kirikkalewith area of 4365 square kilometers
Bilecikwith area of 4307 square kilometers
Rizewith area of 3920 square kilometers
Osmaniyewith area of 3767 square kilometers
Bayburtwith area of 3652 square kilometers
Duzcewith area of 3641 square kilometers
Kocaeliwith area of 3626 square kilometers
Igdirwith area of 3588 square kilometers
Zonguldakwith area of 3481 square kilometers
Karabukwith area of 2864 square kilometers
Bartinwith area of 2120 square kilometers
Kiliswith area of 1642 square kilometers
Yalovawith area of 403 square kilometers



As you can see the smallest most popular city in Turkey which is the province of Yalova, about 403 square kilometers.

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