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Get to know with us about the best 8 places to buy gifts from turkey 

Turkey has a huge variety of souvenirs that you can buy and take back home to present as valuable and joyful gifts for acquaintances and friends, whether they are distinctive crafts, or handmade goods and products in Turkey, or famous foods in Turkey, and obtaining these is not limited to Souvenirs on the famous shopping centers in Istanbul, Ankara, and other cities that are full of these special gifts and goods, but there are places that are distinguished by the wonderful Turkish products that require experience and knowledge to reach them and get the best and most valuable souvenirs that cannot be found Except in Turkey, 

Top 8 souvenirs places to buy gifts from turkey:

 1- Best gifts from turkey: Hand-made Iznik tiles 

Turkey has been famous since the Ottoman times for the manufacture of the Iznik tiles, which are still in ancient historical mosques and in museums as a witness to the most glorious historical eras. 

And they are colored pieces of tiles or ceramics in dark red and blue colors, And Turkey still has a number of craftsmen who maintain this ancient industry which is inherited through generations.

 Iznik tiles are sold in many places in Turkey, one of the most famous is one of the stores in the Grand Bazaar called “Iznik Art”, where you can get distinctive pieces from there, and this is the store address in detail: Orta Kazaslar Sokak No.64 – Halıcılar Sokak No.18, Grand Bazaar, Turkey 

2- Best gifts from turkey: “Gulluoglu” baklava 

Baklava is a very popular dessert in Turkey, so you find it distributed on occasions, weddings, and holidays. 

Turkey is distinguished by its manufacture in a distinctive way, and the most famous place of its manufacture and sale is “Gulluoglu”, Where he uses pistachios from “Gaziantep”; It is a world-famous type of pistachio. 

Many stores on the Asian side of Istanbul, specifically in the Kadikoy area, are famous for selling baklava. And this is the address of one of the baklava stores: Caferağa Mahallesi, Nailbey Sokak No.3/C, Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey 

3- Best gifts from turkey: Olive oil from Ayvalik

 Turkey is famous for manufacturing the best types of olive oil, as olive groves are spread in the Turkish city of Ayvalik. 

It is a small coastal city located on the Aegean Sea, and it belongs to the province of “Baliksehir”, In a nearby town called “Kunda” there is a factory that is passed down through generations to manufacturing the finest types of olive oil. 

Where you can buy many bottles of the pure oil from the factory at reasonable prices. 

4- Best gifts from turkey: Natural silk fabrics from Bursa 

Natural silk is one of the most famous Turkish products, Especially in Bursa, which has been famous since ancient times for this product; It is a city that was located on the famous trade silk road and was considered since ancient times a distinguished market for fabrics, especially silk ones. 

Now, Bursa is considered one of the most important places for storing and selling natural locally manufactured silk. 

And you will find a wonderful variety of silk fabrics at “Koza Han”, It is a very famous market in the city of Bursa that sells silk fabrics and scarves made of silk. 

As well as many other goods such as silver, clothes, accessories, antiques, and others. 

5- Best gifts from turkey: Pottery from Cappadocia 

Avanos city which is located in Cappadocia is famous for its various forms of pottery. Where it relies in its manufacture on clay from the Red River in the region, which is the longest river in Turkey, and this industry began in Avanos in the era of the Hittites in 2000 BC. 

And it has continued until now to attract many tourists to the region; And who come specifically to buy the best pottery pieces, and to witness the natural wonders in the historical archaeological area in Cappadocia, Goreme and other historical cities in the region,

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Pottery places are spread in the local artisan’s area in Avanos. 

6- Best gifts from turkey: Turkish coffee 

Turkish coffee is one of the best and most famous drinks in Turkey. And there are many places for selling and drinking ground Turkish coffee, one of the most famous of these places is “Nuri Toplar” which is one of the famous stores in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. 

It is an ancient shop established in 1890 AD, and its coffee differs from any other place, as it uses certain woods to roast coffee to obtain a distinctive flavor when it is drunk, and Turkish coffee can be considered the best souvenir that can be bought from Turkey

And this is the address of the “Nuri Toplar” store in detail: Tahtakale Mahallesi, Hasırcılar Cad. No: 17, Eminönü, Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey 

7- Best gifts from turkey: Bathroom accessories from Turkey 

Turkey is characterized by manufacturing the best types of bathroom accessories from thin towels and hand-made textiles of natural silk, linen, or natural cotton, As well as special types of soap made from pure olive oil, which are considered the best souvenirs from Turkey, And all these products are found in a famous place in the Grand Bazaar called Abdulla, and this is the address of the store in detail: Mollafenari Mahallesi, Ali Baba Türbe Sk. No:15, 34080 Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey And also in a store called “Jennifer’s Hamam”, and the address of the store in detail is as follows: Sultan Ahmet Mahallesi, Arasta Bazaar, No: 135, Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey 

8- Best gifts from turkey: Pieces of classic carpets from Turkey 

Turkey is one of the countries that are famous for making handmade carpets with various designs, whether traditional or modern. Turkish rugs are considered unique souvenirs. And there are two famous stores in Istanbul inside the Grand Bazaar that sell the best types of Turkish carpets, One is called the Ethnicon Store and the other is the Dhoku Store. 

The address of the stores in detail is as follows: Takkeciler Sokak, 51-53, Grand Bazaar, 34126 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey 

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