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The city of Rize is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities that tourists are keen to visit; It has a charming nature and stunning landscapes, in addition to the great tourist diversity in it. The city of Rize is located on the eastern side of Turkey, near the Turkish border with Georgia, and “Rize” overlooks from the northern side on the shores of the charming Black Sea.

The city of “Rize” is the capital of the Turkish province of Rize, the area of ​​the city is 3800 square kilometers, and its population is 370 thousand people, and most of the residents work in the fishing craft. The city is also famous for being the city of tea, as it is the main source of tea production in Turkey and it is exported abroad.

How far is Rize from the most important Turkish cities?

The closest Turkish city to the city of Rize is Trabzon, which is about 158 ​​km away from it, and the journey between them takes two hours and 15 minutes by car, and this is what made Rize a tourist destination for many foreign tourists who prefer to visit the city of Trabzon due to its proximity,

The city of Rize is also close to the city of Uzungol. The distance between Rize and Uzungol is about 170 km, and the journey takes two hours and 23 minutes by car,

As for the city of Istanbul, it is about 1229 kilometers from the Turkish city of Rize, and the journey between them takes 15 hours by car on the road, and you pay fees to cross it.

The distance between Rize and Ankara is about 886 kilometers, and the journey takes 11 hours and 5 minutes by car.

History of the Turkish city of Rize:

The name “Risa” is a Greek name given to it by the ancient Greeks who inhabited it in ancient times.
It is a name that means “a lot of mountains,” as it is a city surrounded by high mountains that are covered with snow in the winter, plants, and greenery in the summer.
The Greeks followed the Byzantine rule in this area until the Seljuks were able in 1080 AD to conquer the city of Rize, control and take it, and thus the Turks began to live in the area since that time.

The climate in Rize:

The climate of the city of Rize is subtropical, hot in summer, and in winter the temperature drops to 10 degrees Celsius. It rains heavily and the rain is accompanied by snow.
It also has a permanently windy climate during most of the year because it is located on the Black Sea.



Tourism in the Turkish city of Rize:

The most important Rize attractions:

The city of Rize includes many tourism areas, such as villages with picturesque nature and green farms, vast forests, and magnificent waterfalls, Among the most important tourist attractions in Rize are:

Rize attractions: Ayder Yoylasi village

It is a small village located on a green plateau and attracts foreign tourists in large numbers. Where flowers, lush trees, and orchards cover most of the village’s area, The village is surrounded by the Ayder plateau, valleys, plains, and mountains, which gave it an incomparable splendor and beauty.
This village also contains therapeutic hot and sulfur baths, It attracts tourists in large numbers for medical tourism and treatment of rheumatic and skin diseases.

The village is also famous for the presence of a river that connects it with the city of Trabzon, which is used by tourists to practice kayaking.

“Ayder Village” is famous for producing the finest types of Turkish honey, and the stalls that sell it are spread in the city’s streets, and it is exported abroad in large quantities.
The “Bushnak” area is considered one of the most beautiful areas of the village, as it fascinates tourists with its beauty and greenery that extends as far as the eye can see.

Rize attractions: Çat Köy Village

It is one of the most beautiful villages in the Turkish city of Rize.
As it is located in the middle of a group of high mountains, this village is an excellent destination for lovers of nature and quietness.

Rize attractions: Black Sea beaches

Rize is located on the coast of the Black Sea and has taken advantage of this to establish many tourist resorts and luxury hotels on the Black Sea coast, which is characterized by the purity of its waters and the beauty of its beaches.

Rize attractions: Waterfalls

The city of Rize is famous for its many waterfalls, which are located within the city limits, including Rize waterfalls, Bulut waterfalls, Palovit waterfall, Agaran waterfall,
The most beautiful of all is the Gelin Tulu waterfall.

Rize attractions: Gelin Tulu waterfall

It is a waterfall with therapeutic hot water that flows into the Ayder baths and it comes from the Ayder Mountains, and the length of the waterfall is 15 meters.

Rize attractions: Cagrankaya Highlands

They are mountainous peaks that reach a height of about 2000 meters above sea level, and they are covered in white color and surrounded by clouds.

In the summer, they are covered with greenery and flowering plants, making it a charming place for lovers of relaxation and enjoyment of nature.

It is also a favorite place for barbecues in the middle of the picturesque nature, and the area is also characterized by the spread of wooden huts on the slopes of the mountains, which is a great view for photography enthusiasts, and a wooden hut can be rented for a whole day or several days for a wonderful vacation.

Rize attractions: fırtına deresi River

It is a river that passes in the Turkish city of Rize and is characterized by its clear water, and cafés and restaurants are spread around the river that offers delicious food in a charming romantic atmosphere. The river is also a favorite place to practice kayaking for adventure lovers.

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