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Today, we will introduce you to the most important and most distinctive of these dishes. Keep reading to learn about the most popular Turkish dishes and we advise you, dear reader, not to miss tasting any of them during your visit to Turkey!

Turkish cuisine is considered one of the most diverse cuisines in the world, and many of its dishes are famous worldwide! It combines many characteristics of Arab cuisine, Persian cuisine, Indian cuisine, Armenian cuisine, and Circassian cuisine due to the extended history of the Ottoman Empire, in which many people mixed, and cultures, skills, and recipes passed between them.

popular Turkish dishes: Iskandar Kebab

A meal that the Turks are proud of, especially the residents of the Turkish city of Bursa, as it goes back to the nineteenth century when it was made by (Muhammad Ogli Iskandar), a citizen of Bursa in Turkey.
This dish consists of lamb grilled on charcoal and pieces of the famous pide bread, with tomato sauce, butter, and yogurt. You can eat this meal in all the restaurants in Turkey.

popular Turkish dishes: Adana Kebab

The world-famous Adana kebab, which enchants with its wonderful taste, is one of the most famous dishes of Adana cuisine. The Turks consider Adana the capital of kebabs in Turkey.
Adana kebabs are distinguished by being very hot. It also uses the meat of a male lamb whose net weight does not exceed between eighteen and twenty kilograms. That is, without using the bones and entrails, anything less or more is not suitable for making Adana kebab, which is grilled and served with salad and bread.

popular Turkish dishes: lahmacun (Dough meat)

It is also called Turkish pizza, which is a dough covered with tomato sauce, meat, spices, and cheese. It is worth a try, as it is quick to prepare and delicious, and the Turks eat it with a cup of tea at any time. It is one of the most famous, delicious, and affordable food at the same time.

popular Turkish dishes: Turkish Borek

Borek pies are one of the most delicious Turkish pastries and bakeries, and Turks prefer to eat them for breakfast, they can be made from different types of dough, and there are many types, including stuffed with cheese, meat, potatoes, and spinach.
It can also be served without any filling but with the addition of powdered sugar or honey. It is usually served with a cup of well-brewed Turkish tea.

popular Turkish dishes: Cig Kofta

It is a dough of Turkish kibbeh that differs from the Syrian and Lebanese kibbeh, made of wheat semolina, walnuts, pomegranate molasses, lemon, and spices, and some add chopped boiled meat to it.
Served with lettuce and vegetables, parsley and tomatoes, and it can be wrapped in thin bread. Whoever tries this meal and likes it becomes completely addicted, and it is one of the most famous Turkish meals.



popular Turkish dishes: Manti

It is considered the Turkish version of Italian food, it is delicious meat dumplings made with a very soft dough that is covered with yogurt sauce with the addition of olive oil, caramelized garlic tomato sauce, and butter, the dish contains many ingredients and flavors that fit perfectly together, it is a famous dish in turkey that is loved by many people.

popular Turkish dishes: Yaprak dolma (green grape leaves)

It is a famous Turkish dish that is famous in many countries, it consists of rice mixed with tomato sauce, onion, garlic, olive oil, some spices and then a spoon of this mixture is placed on a boiled green grape leaf and then it is folded and rolled into a small cylinder and placed in a pot to be cooked, it can be also stuffed with meat.

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