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Beauty surgery in Turkey is witnessing a rapid development year after year, and it has high quality compared to the quality of operations conducted in developed countries such as America or European countries.

Turkey is classified by the International Society of Plastic Surgery “ISAPS” within the group of leading countries in the field of plastic surgery; That is why thousands of people come every year from different parts of the world, to perform beauty surgery in Turkey.

This made medical tourism in Turkey one of the most prominent types of tourism. See with us the advantages and disadvantages of beauty surgery in Turkey, its various types, and the best beauty centers in Turkey through this article on our site “Turkey for Expats”.

Advantages and disadvantages of beauty surgery in Turkey

The most prominent advantages of beauty surgery in Turkey are summarized as follows:

  • Turkish beauty centers are subject to a strict control system, which requires high hygiene level, safety, and infection control systems
  • Most of the Turkish beauty centers are accredited by international health organizations, and have quality certificates
  • The availability of amenities and luxury in addition to a distinctive set of additional services that are present in all beauty health centers in Turkey
  • The ease of obtaining a visa for Turkey from most countries, and the completion of travel procedures quickly and easily
  • The low cost of beauty surgery in Turkey compared to the prices of plastic surgeries in developed countries, in addition to its quality that competes with the quality of operations in those countries
  • Beauty centers in Turkey compete to use the latest medical technologies in cosmetology

Disadvantages of beauty surgery in Turkey:

The disadvantages of these operations in Turkey are very simple defects and are limited to the obstacle of the Turkish language, which is not considered one of the languages spread around the world. Therefore, the patient needs to have an accompanying translator for the duration of the stay in Turkey. Fortunately, this service is available in many certified translation centers and offices in Turkey.

The most famous plastic surgeries spread in Turkey:

  • Hair transplantation for men and women is one of the most popular plastic surgeries performed in Turkey.
  • Rhinoplasty surgery
  • Facial plastic surgery in Turkey, which is highly advanced, Including thread face-lifts, laser face-lifts, facial filler injections, and even the most complex operations such as full-face transplantation
  • Liposuction operations
  • Dental implants

You can find all about hair transplantation surgery in this article


The most famous cities in the field of beauty surgery in Turkey:

Beauty centers are spread in many Turkish cities, and perhaps the most famous are:

  • The city of Istanbul, which is on the throne of the beauty surgery field in Turkey, because it contains the largest percentage of beauty centers
  • The city of Antalya
  • The city of Mersin
  • Alanya city
  • The city of Marmaris
  • As for Izmir and Ankara, they are the least popular cities in terms of beauty medical centers

Names of the most famous beauty Surgery centers in Turkey:

  • Florence Nightingale Istanbul
  • Acibadem Maslak Hospital
  • KOC Healthcare
  • MCAN Health Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

These centers cooperate with a group of international experts in the field of plastic surgery who have obtained the American Board Certificate and the like, which are certificates granted to holders of professional records full of successes in the field of plastic surgery. The success of plastic surgery depends on the skill of the surgeon and his level of competence in plastic surgery.

The average cost of the most famous Beauty surgery in Turkey:

The cost of plastic surgery in Turkey depends on several factors, including:

  1. The level of luxury offered by the cosmetic center to be performed in it
  2. Type of plastic surgery

The average cost of plastic surgery ranges between 1000-4000 US dollars, and it may increase to more than that in difficult cases.

Here is the average cost of a group of the most famous plastic surgeries:

Famous beauty surgery in TurkeyAverage cost without accommodationAverage cost including accommodation in the medical centerDays of stay
Facelift2000$2500$6 days
Liposuction1800$-2500$2200$-2900$3 days
Body contouring2200$-3100$2600$-3500$4 days
Hair transplantation1500$-1600$2000$-3100$3 days
Botox injection600$-1000$1000$-1400$3 days

There are other sub-types that fall under each type of those surgeries as well; and we will talk about them in later articles

Did you ever do a beauty surgery in Turkey? Share your experience in the comments!


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