The Genius Project of Basaksehir Millet Park


Basaksehir Millet park was built as a part of the 100-day action plan. The first 5 of the 33 national parks planned to be built in 18 provinces were put into service with a mass ceremony. With these parks alone, 1.5 million square meters of green space have been added to Istanbul. With the national parks built, the amount of green space per person increased by 10 percent. With the completion of the national parks in Ankara, the amount of green space per person will increase by 7.8 percent. We will share with you the information we have gathered about Basaksehir Millet park, which is one of these five parks open to service now.

You may find more about this project through this website:,of%20New%20York’s%20Central%20Park.

About Basaksehir Millet park

Basaksehir Millet park is the new botanical garden that President Erdogan recently inaugurated! It is the largest botanical garden in all of Europe under the name of Kayaşehir Milli Bahçesi National Park.

Established in an area of 360 thousand square meters, Basaksehir Millet park has many separate sections that will fascinate the visitors. The huge biological pond of 15,600 square meters is self-cleaning with its special filter system. It offers a wonderful visual scene for the visitors. The Millet Kiraathanesi, a lovely-looking construction that was built with wooden materials next to the pond, has a reading hall and a cafeteria.

Another place that visitors will visit with curiosity is the thematic garden, which is built on an area of 30 thousand square meters. In the thematic garden, you’d find 25 different species of plants. The plants are mostly divided into 3 categories, the fragrance garden, decorated with fragrant flowers; the color garden with colorful blooming flowers; and the butterfly garden where flowers that attract butterflies are planted.

general features of Basaksehir Millet park

The park offers a path of 6 kilometers especially made for walking and cycling. It also has outdoor sports fields, barrier-free playgrounds, 20 pergolas, 40 camellias, 84 sitting areas, 98 garbage cans, 20 sitting benches, biological ponds, wooden decks, 290 square meters of the amphitheater, 22 fountains, and a pond cafe.

Basaksehir Millet park has other great features as well! It has 5,570 thousand trees of 24 different species, 160 thousand bushes, and 42 thousand square meters of activity meadow. In Basaksehir Millet park you can also find a closed parking lot that can take 1200 vehicles, and an open one for 198 vehicles.

Within the scope of the project, there is also a sports hall for 15 thousand people. There is also a semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool.

How to reach Basaksehir Millet park?

Basaksehir Millet park is at the center of other mega projects such as Basaksehir Municipality new service building, Ikitelli city hospital, Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge, northern Marmara motorway, and Kanal Istanbul, which route has been announced recently. For this reason, reaching Basaksehir Millet park through transportation is very easy. Those who wish to go by car can reach Basaksehir easily by using the signboards. Those who wish to use public transportation can easily reach the park by using the buses coming to Basaksehir.

Having green areas is one of the best features that you can find in a place or in a country, Turkey managed to achieve this in a very smart way. The project made sure to have parks for locals to enjoy, and also act as a tourists attraction. Turkey is racing the world and breaking records with the amount of greenery it is adding to the country.

Some tourists and visitors now look to live in the green area of Basaksehir, you may find more on how to get accommodation there through this website:

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