5 Top Spa and Massage in Istanbul


Spa and massage in Istanbul are among the health centers that provide many cosmetic and health services that serve the growing tourism sector. These services are frequently requested by tourists, which has distinguished Turkey in this field since ancient times.

The spa and massage centers in Istanbul are considered an extension and natural development of the ancient Turkish baths that Turkey was famous for in the past, and many of these baths are still working till now. Most of the major hotels now offer massage services and spa to attract the largest number of tourists.

Spa and massage centers in Istanbul offer a variety of services and lots of skincare remedies and sessions using products from nature. Having all-natural products is one of the heritages of these baths since ancient times. Let’s get to know more about spa and massage centers in Istanbul.

The most famous spa and massage in Istanbul:

Caudalie Vintherapie Spa:

This center is located in Istanbul inside a luxury hotel designed in the Ottoman style with all its decoration. The hotel is called “Les Ottoman” hotel, and this center provides the latest international massage methods. It also provides treatments and masks for the skin and body, and this center is one of the most famous centers for spa and massage in Istanbul.

This is the official site of the spa center at Hôtel Les Ottomans: http://www.lesottomans.com/?aspxerrorpath=/Doc/314/Les-Ottomans-Caudalie-Vinotherapie-Spa-Hotels

Santias Spa:

This spa is within the services of the “Çırağan Palace Kempinski” hotel, It is a hotel located in one of the luxurious palaces in Istanbul next to the Bosphorus, and it is one of the most famous hotels in Istanbul, This center offers the latest techniques of spa and massage in Istanbul at the hands of professionals. It also has a jacuzzi, a large outdoor swimming pool, and offers therapeutic massages with multiple natural products.

This is the official site for the spa center inside the hotel: https://www.kempinski.com/en/istanbul/ciragan-palace/spa/how-to-spa/

The Spa Center:

It is one of the most luxurious centers for spa and massage in Istanbul, as it is located in the famous “Four Seasons” Istanbul hotel on the Bosphorus. The center offers the traditional Turkish bath service, which is popular with tourists. It offers skin and body treatments with world-famous therapeutic products such as Sundari, Sodashi, and Biologique. The center also provides global massage services “Thailand”, “Bali”, “Reiki”, as well as deep body massage with hot stones, it also has a jacuzzi and a large indoor swimming pool.

This is the official site for the spa center at the Four Seasons Hotel: https://www.fourseasons.com/bosphorus/spa/

Lavender spa:

One of the most famous centers for spa and massage in Istanbul, Lavender Spa is located inside the “Ritz-Carlton” hotel in Istanbul, which is located in a glass skyscraper. This spa is famous for its luxury and it also offers saunas and steam rooms. In addition, it includes a fitness center, equipment, and tools for sports training, and it provides personal trainers. This center provides body massages with the latest methods of international spa centers.

This is the official location of the spa center within the Ritz-Carlton: https://conradhotels3.hilton.com/en/hotels/turkey/conrad-istanbul-bosphorus-ISTHCCI/amenities/spa.html

Conrad Hotel Center:

This center is located inside the Conrad Hotel, which is one of the most famous hotels in Istanbul. Conrad Spa provides traditional Turkish bath services from skin peeling, foaming massages, etc. It also provides Marrakesh bath services using natural olive oil soap. It provides skincare services with mixtures and herbs specially prepared for all skin types. It is considered one of the most famous centers for spa and massage in Istanbul.

This is the official site for the spa center at the Conrad Hotel: https://conradhotels3.hilton.com/en/hotels/turkey/conrad-istanbul-bosphorus-ISTHCCI/amenities/spa.html

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