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Travel insurance to Turkey

Travel insurance Turkey is highly important if you’re planning to go to Turkey. Health insurance in any civilized country is a guarantee for the individual against the health risks and conditions that he may be exposed to during travel or during his stay in this country. For this reason, all developed countries of the world have taken special care in health insurance for their citizens of the same country or foreigners residing in it.

For the state of Turkey, there are many types of health insurance in it, and one of the most important of these types is health insurance for foreigners wishing to enter Turkey. It is considered one of the necessary requirements for obtaining a Turkish visa, but it differs from the comprehensive health insurance necessary to obtain residency in Turkey. We have, in a previous article, explained the types of health insurance for obtaining residency in Turkey.

This time, through this article, we are pleased to present you with a detailed report on health insurance for obtaining a Turkey visa (travel insurance Turkey), its prices, and the health services it covers for foreigners in Turkey.

Health services covered by travel insurance Turkey for foreigners

Travel insurance Turkey covers the following health services:

  • Any medical treatment less than 100 TL.
  • Securing transportation for the patient to the nearest health center.
  • Securing the transportation of the patient’s body in the event of death during travel, God forbid.

How can you get travel insurance Turkey?

Those wishing to obtain a Turkey visa must apply for travel insurance from the same visa application centers or the Turkish embassy or consulate in their country.

The travel insurance documents are issued online by the visa application staff, and they are attached within the transaction papers to the visa application, or you can rely on a Turkey-based insurance company to get it.

Prices for travel insurance Turkey

Travel insurance to Turkey is not considered high in price compared to the comprehensive health insurance system for residency. It does not exceed $60 to be paid once upon requesting the visa, noting that the value of the travel insurance is not refundable in case the visa is refused.



Types of travel insurance Turkey

1- Domestic

Domestic Travel Insurance provides 24-hour coverage for business and pleasure vacations, making you feel safer while traveling within Turkey. Domestic Travel Insurance is valid in Turkey for up to 30 days and protects you from any incidents that may occur during your trip.

2- Worldwide

Worldwide Travel Insurance protects you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on business and pleasure journeys throughout the world, and makes you feel safer while you’re away. Worldwide Travel Insurance provides coverage for everything from trip cancellation to lost luggage, aircraft delays to medical emergencies, as well as 24-hour help when traveling

3- Education

Education Insurance protects you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while you study abroad and gives you peace of mind.

4- Schengen Visa Health

All Turkish individuals asking for a visa to travel to any of the Schengen countries must have insurance. The needed minimum medical insurance of Euro 30.000.

5- Ski Sport

You may add the “Ski Sports” extra benefit to your Travel Insurance to protect yourself and your loved ones from amateur ski sports accidents that may occur while on vacation.

The following websites offer these types of insurance packages:

Getting a travel insurance is very important if you are planning to travel to Turkey. Now you know the types of insurance that you can choose from as well as a website that can help you get your insurance.

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