8 best shops in egyptian bazaar istanbul


Get to know with us about the best shops in Egyptian bazaar Istanbul. 

The Grand Bazaar “Büyük Çarşı” or “Kapalı çarşı” is the most famous shopping place in the Turkish city of Istanbul, The Grand Bazaar is located in the “El-Fateh” district of Istanbul. 

This market is the largest and oldest market in the world, where thousands of tourists visit it daily. The market extends over an area of ​​30,000 square meters in Istanbul, and it includes 60 streets with about 400 shops, and this is why it is required to visit the market many times, in this article, we liked to point out the best and most famous stores that offer famous Turkish products

The most famous best shops in Egyptian bazaar Istanbul

Turkey is famous for making many local products that are made with international high quality, among these products are Turkish carpets, leather goods, Turkish clothes, Turkish textiles, and bathroom accessories. 

Turkish pottery and decorative tiles, Turkish antiques. 

In the Grand Bazaar, there are many stores that sell these products and have been famous for selling them for many years. 

among these shops are:

 best shops in Egyptian bazaar Istanbul: “SISKO OSMAN” Turkish Carpet Store

It is the most famous and oldest shop in the field of selling Turkish carpets. It is a commercial store owned by members of the same family who inherited the profession from their forefathers. The shop has a valuable collection of antique and modern Turkish rugs in various colors and shapes. Şişko Osman address in detail: Acı Çeşme Sokak, Zincirli Han No.15, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey, 

Contact: +90 212 528 3548


best shops in Egyptian bazaar Istanbul: “Ethnicon” shop for handmade Turkish rugs: 

The shop offers modern patterns of handmade carpets and it is located near the “SISKO OSMAN” store, next to Ethnicon is another handmade carpet shop which is Dhoku. Here is the shop address in detail: https://goo.gl/maps/fE3SxtcUnpDWgVjm9 Contact +90 212 527 6841 

best shops in Egyptian bazaar Istanbul: Koç Leather & Fur Store: 

The shop is a well-established company in the world selling Turkish leather and fur products. It contains a large assortment of leather, leather goods, and fur clothing. 

And it is Turkish manufactures that compete with the most famous international brands. And this is the official website of the online store Koç Leather & Fur And the shop address in detail: https://goo.gl/maps/umRewsZSfWMcNroMA contact +90 212 527 5553 Kürkçüler 

No.22-46, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey,

best shops in Egyptian bazaar Istanbul: “Abdulla Natural Products” store for Turkish products 

Abdulla Natural Products is famous for selling many types of famous Turkish products such as Soaps, body masks, and skin and body care products, all of which are made of 100% natural products.

 It also includes a set of cotton towels and local hand-made textiles. And traditional bathroom accessories, bed and table linens, all of them are made with distinctive designs and embroidered with precision and high quality, 

contact +90 212 527 3684 

Halıcılar Caddesi No.58, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey, 

best shops in Egyptian bazaar Istanbul: “Jennifer’s Hamam” store for Turkish products 

The most popular shop for selling Turkish products is owned by a Turkish woman who owned a coffee shop, but she chose to sell it to establish her current project to sell Turkish-made products. And all of its products are 100% natural materials such as towels, bed and table linen, robes, and Turkish scarves. 

And this is the address of the shop inside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul: https://goo.gl/maps/1RJFq2bYg63nWuX36 Contact +90 212 518 0648

 No. 135, Arasta Bazaar, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey, 



best shops in Egyptian bazaar Istanbul: “Iznik tiles” shop for traditional Turkish pottery and decorative tiles 

It is the most famous shop in the world selling traditional Turkish pottery and decorative tiles in natural colors. It is what is called (Iznik tile), which is a tile that Turkey was famous for in the ancient Ottoman times, and it is found in the Ottoman archaeological areas, in addition to the wonderfully made colorful vases. And this is the address of the Iznik tiles shop in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul: https://goo.gl/maps/5HuCU4oKhLRKqxxP8 

Orta Kazaslar Sokak No.64 – Halıcılar sokak No.18, Grand Bazaar, 

 best shops in Egyptian bazaar Istanbul: Sofa Art & Antiques store for Turkish antiques 

This shop is one of the most famous antique shops in Istanbul. It contains everything related to Turkish antiques, such as antique prints, historical maps, ceramic pieces, antique carpets, and silverware. The shop is owned by a Turkish couple who love antiques and historical artifacts. 

And this is the address of Sofa Art & Antiques in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul: 


contact +90 212 520 28 5051 

Nuruosmaniye Caddesi No. 53/A, Nuruosmaniye, Istanbul, Turkey, 

best shops in Egyptian bazaar Istanbul: “Eski Fine Arts & Antiques” shop for Turkish antiques 

This store is a real treasure of various Ottoman antiques, It contains wonderful paintings and a collection of ancient Ottoman jewelry. And this is the address of the Eski Fine Arts and antique shop in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul: https://goo.gl/maps/gD2ms9QJJP7644dKA 

contact +90 212 512 5238 

Kapalıçarşı, Cevahir Bedesten No.152 (9-10), Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey,

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