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Getting to know the benefits of Turkish nationality especially after the Turkish state made granting Turkish citizenship easier than before to the residents including. The Syrians residing in it and others who own real estate in Turkey, there are urgent questions that the people who will obtain this nationality think about, the questions that they think about are following, is the Turkish nationality considered an advantage for those who have it? or is it just a piece of paper that will not provide many advantages? What are the benefits of Turkish nationality?

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The advantages and benefits of Turkish nationality:

Turkish passport:

The Turkish passport is one of the best and most powerful passports in the world, as it is ranked 39th around the world,

And the Turkish passport allows you to enter 72 different countries around the world without the need for a visa.

It also allows you to obtain a visa for 42 countries upon your arrival at the airport of these countries, such as Bahrain or Kuwait and others and there are 7 countries in the world that you can request their visas through the Internet.

Easy for real estate ownership:

As a Turkish citizen, you can easily own a real estate in Turkey without the need of the complicated procedures you could face if you are a non-Turkish citizen.

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health insurance:

Which gives you free treatment at the expense of the state in all its government hospitals, in addition to

Reducing the cost of treatment in private hospitals, the state also provides you with free treatment.

Granting citizenship to your relatives:

When you obtain the Turkish citizenship, you have the right to grant the Turkish citizenship to your children if They are under the age of 18, but you cannot grant your older children (over 18 years) and your wife the citizenship, you have to wait for three years after you obtain the citizenship directly and only then you can grant it to them.

Inviting your relatives to visit Turkey:

As a Turkish citizen, you have the right to invite any of your relatives to visit you in Turkey, and this invitation makes it easier for your relatives to obtain a visa to Turkey.

Working freely:

You can work freely in any field you want without the need for any permission to work from the concerned authorities,

This makes it so much easier, the chance of getting a job is much greater.

Employment of workers of any nationality:

One of the benefits of the Turkish nationality is that the employer can employ whomever he wants in his company,

He is not obligated to employ a certain number of Turkish workers not like the case with a foreign employer because The Turkish state forces him to employ a minimum of five Turkish workers.

Medical practice:

The person with the Turkish citizenship has the right to practice the profession of medicine easily and has the right to open his own clinic, Unlike the non-Turkish person.

Maintaining your first citizenship:

the holder of the Turkish citizenship can keep his first citizenship and all his rights in his country.

Obtaining the Blue Card:

It is a card that the Turkish state grants to a holder of the Turkish citizenship who obtained another country’s citizenship that obliged him to give up the Turkish citizenship and this card facilitates his entry and exit from and to Turkey after losing his Turkish citizenship.

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