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Istanbul is characterized by the presence of various shopping places that offer the best international and local goods and products. If you are looking for fashion designed by the greatest international fashion houses such as Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and other modern houses, you will find this in several places in Istanbul, such as the Nişantaşı area, as well as in many commercial shopping centers, perhaps the most famous of which is İstinye Park,  Zorlu Center, which are two of the most Top fashion destinations Istanbul so do not miss visiting them. 

In the Galata district, you will also find many shops and boutiques that sell modern fashions by major designers and local designers, and it is a very impressive modern collection. 

Top fashion destinations Istanbul: Atelier “55” 

The store is located on Serdar Ekrem Street, located in the famous Galata district, which is one of the most famous shopping streets in Istanbul. Serdar Street is also famous for its wonderful classic antique buildings, in “Atelier 55” boutique you will find a variety of modern fashion designed by the greatest international designers along with exquisite handmade fashions by young, not famous designers but they achieved good sales, 

You will also find an amazing collection of attractive locally made and imported accessories. In “Atelier 55” boutique, you will be able to find fashion designed by world-famous names such as Bora Aksu, Ümit Benan, Charlotte Olympia, R&Y Augousti And the address of the Atelier 55 store is as follows: 

Serdar-ı Ekrem Sokak, Seraskerci Çıkmazı No.55, Galata And this is the store’s website: https://www.atelier-55.com/ 

Top fashion destinations Istanbul: Midnight Express Store 

The store is a large showroom created by a Turkish architect and fashion designer, This store contains the best fashion collections for men and women with its appropriate accessories, designed by Turkish and international designers, Especially the wonderful collection of bags designed by “Mehry Mu”, “Burçe Bekrek”, “bohemian”, You will also find an elegant collection of jewelry by “American Vintage”, “Yazbukey’s overtly” designs, 

The address of the Midnight Express store is as follows: Küçük Bebek Caddesi No.3, Bebek And this is the store’s website: https://midnight.com.tr/ 



Top fashion destinations Istanbul: V2K Designers Store 

The store contains the most famous fashion designs from the most famous brand in Turkey “Vakko”, and it has opened this store specifically to display its various products and fashions, from “Alexander Wang” designs to “Peter Som” designs, In the store, you will also find designs for the best Turkish designers such as “Hussein Chalayan”, The store also sells a distinctive collection of shoes, handbags, and accessories, so you should not miss seeing each product in the V2K Designers store, The store’s address is as follows: Abdi İpekçi Caddesi No.31, Nişantaşı And this is the store’s website: http://shop.vakko.com/tr

Top fashion destinations Istanbul: Shopi Go 

The store is distinguished by the modern decor that attracts the eyes to it, where you will find many shelves displaying amazing products and merchandise for major fashion designers and accessories such as Marc Jacobs, Y-3, Marni, Zac Posen, Iro, Carven, 

Shopi Go has an online store that sells its products online and has very unique merchandise, And the store’s address is as follows: Mim Kemal Öke Caddesi No.17, Nişantaşı And this is the store’s website: https://shopigo.com/?lang=en

 Top fashion destinations Istanbul: Beymen Blender Store 

It is the most popular store in Istanbul, it contains the best modern fashion for international designers. In this store, you will find a distinctive collection of clothes, handbags, and shoes suitable for fashion lovers, And the store’s address is as follows:

 Abdi Ipekçi Caddesi No. 23/1 (-1 Floor) Nişantaşı And this is the store’s website: http://www.beymen.com

Top fashion destinations Istanbul: Acquaverde Store

 Despite the simple decorations of the store; it is a wonderful store that sells very elegant fashion and accessories such as comfortable shirts, sports shoes, dresses, and accessories from famous designers such as American Vintage, Majestic Fiatures, and Otto d’Ame, This store is located in Galata district in Serdar Street and the address of the store in detail is as follows: 

Serdar-ı Ekrem Caddesi No.42/A, Galata And this is the store’s website: http://www.acquaerer.com/ 

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