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Istanbul is a giant city and crowded with people with diverse backgrounds and cultural beliefs. We find in it conservative traditional areas, and other modern areas and neighborhoods full of movement, shops, and art galleries. Therefore, we find the city of Istanbul characterized by the presence of many interesting neighborhoods that invite us to explore it and spend The most beautiful times in it, 

The 6 best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live in: 

best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live: Galata District 

It Is the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live. It is a famous historical neighborhood in the city located in the “Beyoğlu” district, and it is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Istanbul. One of the most famous landmarks of the neighborhood is the Galata Tower, the most famous tower in Istanbul, which many stories and legends have been told about 

it. And away from the “Galata” tower, you will find something new throughout the neighborhood’s streets to explore, especially in “Serdar – Ekrem” Street, which contains the most wonderful shops and malls, as well as “Galip dede” Street, 

And if you need to take a short break from wandering, you can stop at the cafes scattered all over the neighborhood, It offers the most famous Turkish drinks such as tea, coffee, and other drinks, and “Mavara” Café is the most famous of these cafes, where many Turkish residents of the city prefer to spend their time there.



 best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live: Çukurcuma district 

Çukurcuma is an important part of the Beyoğlu district in Istanbul, it is the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live in and it is famous for selling antiques and antiques. In it, you will find the most famous and best antique stores, such as MODERN TARIH , “A la Turca”, “ASILA GUNSIRAY”, 

In this wonderful neighborhood, you will also find the “INNOCENCE” Museum, which is called “Çukurcuma Museum”, It is a literary museum established by the famous Turkish writer and Nobel Prize winner “ORHAN PAMUK”, who received the Nobel Prize for his famous story that has the same name as the museum. 

best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live: Karakoy district 

This neighborhood is considered one of the most important neighborhoods in Istanbul, as it was and is still used as an important port in the city. The interest in the neighborhood began in 2012, and as a result of this interest, many world-famous restaurants and cafes appeared in the neighborhood. And small hotels, which are called boutique hotels, and one of the most famous cafes in the neighborhood is the “Karabatak” cafe, 

As well as the most famous “Karaköy Lokantası” restaurant in the region, which is famous for serving dinner of the most famous local Turkish cuisine and international cuisine from all countries of the world.

 Karakoy is crowded on holidays with local Turkish residents of Istanbul, and tourists who have heard about the beauty of Karakoy and come to enjoy and explore more fun in the neighborhood. 

best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live: Balat neighborhood 

It is an ancient Greek district that was inhabited by the Armenians and the Greek Orthodox. 

That is why we find in the neighborhood many old churches, the most famous of which is the “St. George” Church, and the seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople. “Fener Lycée” is one of the most famous monuments in the “Balat” neighborhood, and it is a red brick building overlooking the entire neighborhood, so the building can be seen from anywhere in the neighborhood clearly.

 Many colorful houses in the famous neighborhood amaze tourists and attract them to come and watch it and make the best souvenir photos. 

The neighborhood is not devoid of shops and art galleries that were opened by promising young entrepreneurs. it is spread in all the streets of the “Balat” neighborhood, especially in “Yıldırım” and “Vodina” streets. 

best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live: “Arnavutköy” neighborhood 

“Arnavutköy” is one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live especially in the evening. This is because of its privileged location near the Bosphorus, the most famous place in Istanbul and a destination for tourists and Turks alike. “Arnavutköy” district is famous for its famous fish restaurants and youth cafés, which attract young people, especially European youth, where there are many bars serving drinks and cocktails, so we find the neighborhood bustling with passersby late at night. 

During the day, you can tour the Arnavutköy district and enjoy watching the elegant Ottoman houses and palaces overlooking the Bosphorus. 

Which is an attractive sight during the day when the Bosphorus water reflects on it. 

best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live: Moda neighborhood 

In contrast to the European side of Istanbul, which is full of life and activity, we find the Asian side of Istanbul does not get the appreciation it deserves because the type of fun and exploration in it is different, And we find this in the “Moda” neighborhood, the Asian neighborhood with a very local character, Where authentic Turkish cafes and restaurants serving local Turkish cuisine are spread, And many shops selling Turkish goods, and shops of young entrepreneurs,

And one of the most famous streets in the neighborhood is “Kadife” street, which is filled with pedestrians. And the beauty of the Moda neighborhood also lies in the wonderful view that the neighborhood provides on the European side of Istanbul, Especially from MODA Beach, which is an ideal place for walking and enjoying the beauty of Istanbul. There are other neighborhoods in Istanbul that are worth visiting and exploring. And each of them has its fame, beauty, and unique advantages over other neighborhoods. We will present it to you in other articles, God willing. 

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