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Turkish cuisine is mainly concerned with breakfast and gives it a lot of attention, as it is considered one of the most important meals in the day, and for this, we find many Turkish restaurants that offer breakfast meals that are distinguished, rich, and has a variety of food, due to the nature of Istanbul and being one of the most important Turkish cities which millions of tourists visit every year, we find many famous restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of breakfast with wonderful views of the city. 

The city is famous for its street breakfast that is spread throughout the city, especially on the distinguished Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul.

best breakfast in Istanbul: emirgan sütiş restaurant 

A distinctive restaurant located near the famous Emirgan Park in Istanbul, overlooking the Bosphorus Gulf directly in the Sariyer area. 

This restaurant is famous for serving many types of Turkish breakfast, especially the Anatolian and Kurdish breakfast, and the most important foods offered are eggs with smoked meat, jam, mountain honey, tea, and bread chips. 

Arnavutkoy Bebek Cad. No: 101 Arnavutkoy-Istanbul, Istanbul Turkey 

The official website of the restaurant is as follows: https://sutis.com.tr/?lang=tr

best breakfast in Istanbul: KALE Restaurant and Café 

Kale Restaurant is an ideal place for breakfast in Istanbul, as it has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus, It is famous for its outdoor seating and has been serving traditional Turkish food since 1983. Among the most famous foods offered by “Kale” restaurant are grilled cheese, spicy Turkish sausage, tomato, and olive salad, various cheese dishes, and special honey, It is also famous for serving the egg meal with chopped onions and tomatoes “menemen”, It is distinguished by the “gözleme”, which are wafers of pancakes stuffed with cheese and sausage, and it also serves the most delicious and refreshing morning drinks consisting of fresh fruit juices, Here is a link to the restaurant’s location on Google Map:

 No:10 Yahya Kemal Caddesi, İstanbul, 34470, Turkey And you can pre-book in “Kali” restaurant and get acquainted with the menus through the restaurant’s official website: http://kalecafe.com/

best breakfast in Istanbul: YENIKÖY KAHVESI Restaurant 

A Turkish restaurant located on the Bosphorus strait among the trees. The neighborhood in which it is located is famous for its Ottoman palaces and old churches. The restaurant serves a special organic breakfast from a variety of cuisines such as Eggs, honey, jam, olives, butter, tomatoes, and cucumbers, along with the special Turkish tea, It is also famous for serving the Turkish “sahlep” drink, which is a hot drink made from dried orchid roots and topped with cinnamon. 

Here is a link to the restaurant’s location on Google Map: 4 Kürkçü Faik Sok., İstanbul, 34464, Turkey 

best breakfast in Istanbul: Mangerie Restaurant 

“Mangerie” Restaurant and Café is located in the “Bebek” area in Istanbul, It is an area famous for its modern homes and stores, and is always crowded with tourists. The restaurant is characterized by its modern decoration and a wonderful view of the Bosphorus Strait. Especially on the third floor of the restaurant, the restaurant serves the traditional Turkish breakfast that consists of eggs, jam, olives, and honey with delicious granola slices, and the restaurant is crowded, so make sure to book in advance before coming through the official website of the restaurant: http://www.mangeriebebek.com/

 Here is a link to the restaurant’s location on Google Map: 69 Cevdet Paşa Caddesi, İstanbul, 34342, Turkey



best breakfast in Istanbul: Lokma Restaurant 

Lokma Restaurant is distinguished by its privileged location in the Sariyer area in the European section of Istanbul. Near the famous “Rumeli Hisari” castle, the restaurant overlooks the Bosphorus and the castle is a charming scene, Lokma Restaurant has gained wide fame among tourists, especially foreign tourists, as it serves the most delicious Turkish and Western food with a different distinct taste. 

The restaurant is famous for its traditional Turkish breakfast that consists of eggs, jam, honey, olives, and various fresh vegetables. It also serves special Turkish tea. You can get acquainted with the menu provided in the restaurant through the official restaurant link: http://www.lokma.com.tr/ 

best breakfast in Istanbul: MÜZEDECHANGA Restaurant

 The restaurant is located on the last floor of the “Sakıp Sabancı” Museum and offers a wonderful view of the Bosphorus and the Museum Garden, It is characterized by offering a range of delicious dishes from the distinctive Anatolian and European breakfast, such as French toast, smoked cheese, honey and jam, and the fruit cocktail that the restaurant is famous for serving. And this is the restaurant’s location in detail on a Google map:

Emirgan Mahallesi, Istanbul, 34467, Turkey

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