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Getting a student accommodation Istanbul is the basic thing for studying in Turkey and living in it; since it has become a dream for many students, who are attracted by the level and quality of education in Turkey, and the low cost of university studies compared to European countries, as well as for Syrian and Iraqi students residing in Turkey.

They are present in Turkey in large numbers, studying and working there, and for this, it has become necessary to search for student housing that is commensurate with the financial condition of each student and compare the services provided to students in each type of student housing in Turkey.

Types of student accommodation Istanbul:

There are many types of student accommodation Istanbul, each of these types offers different services from the other type, and student accommodation in Turkey can be divided as follows:

  • Governmental student housing.
  • Student accommodation and endowment.
  • Private student accommodation.
  • Youth housing (apartments for rent).

Governmental accommodation for students Istanbul:

It is a student residence belonging to the Turkish government and managed by the KYK Foundation of the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports. It spread in all Turkish provinces, and its number is about 400 student housing.

The cost of the student accommodation Istanbul

The cost of government student housing is moderate and affordable for all students, and it ranges between 200-350 Turkish liras per month.

The price varies according to the governorate in which the residence is located, and a deposit of 500 TL is paid at the beginning.

Some government student residences are open throughout the year for summer courses and summer student activities.

This requires registering for summer courses earlier in order to be able to stay in these student residences during the summer vacation.

Advantages of government student accommodation Istanbul

The government student housing is characterized by providing amenities for students as follows:

  • Meals for a symbolic fee (breakfast 3 pounds and lunch 6 pounds), but some hesitate about the quality of food in government student housing.
  • Free open internet service in all government student residences.
  • Free cleaning and laundry service in private laundries.
  • Providing psychological and social support services to students from specialists.
  • The possibility of hosting for a period of 10 days in any other government student housing.

The negatives of government student accommodation Istanbul

Increasing the number of students per room, up to 8 students in some rooms, which would be an obstacle to focus on studying among this large number.

The Turkish government provides places for foreign students (non-Turkish), but the preference is for Turkish students. Also, Turkish scholarships for foreigners have a large share of the available places in government student housing.

Here is a link that shows all government student housing places in Turkey:


Endowment Student accommodation Istanbul:

These are student residences under the supervision of the “Turkish Religion Endowment”. It is a well-known charitable and religious organization in Turkey that provides support to Turkish and foreign students,

It provides students with modern and safe housing for a symbolic fee and with great discounts, sometimes amounting to exemption.

Advantages of endowment Student accommodation Istanbul:

  • This type of housing is characterized by adherence and following strict laws,
  • The organization accepts students after a personal interview with them.
  • Application is available to all students, regardless of their political orientation.
  •  Endowment student housing is available in 3 provinces in Turkey, Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir.
  • The endowment student housing provides students with meals, and heating, but it does not provide internet services.



Private Student accommodation Istanbul:

It is housing for students managed by private companies in Turkey, and it provides comfort and tranquility.

Advantages of private student accommodation Istanbul:

It is characterized by the presence of distinguished services such as:

  • Meals, as breakfast is essential, while lunch and dinner are for a symbolic fee for students.
  • Provides open internet service,
  •  Laundry and cleaning services,
  •  The existence of places designated for study, housing for students, and another for female students,
  • Availability of the element of privacy,

Where private student housing is the best housing among the types of student housing in Turkey. The students in one room are less than the other types of student housing, and there are single and double and triple rooms.

The cost of housing varies according to the type and number of students in the room, and the services provided within the private student residence.

Private student housing is also distinguished by its proximity to public and private universities in Turkey, and some of these housing belong to the universities themselves.

You only have to prove your admission to a Turkish university with official documents, and you can apply for admission to one of the student housing in any Turkish province.

Youth accommodation Istanbul (youth apartments for rent):

It is a residential apartment for young people, whether students or foreign youth in general who work in Turkey. Some of them are for young men and others are for young women.

It is widely available in Istanbul, and this type of housing is characterized by a great demand for it from Arab youth, especially Syrians.

Advantages of youth accommodation Istanbul

  • Its low cost compared to the cost of renting houses in Turkey, as it is shared, and its cost is divided among the residents.
  • The value of the insurance is symbolic compared to insurance for single homes in Turkey.
  • The rent includes the cost of the bills (water, electricity, gas, and internet).
  • The presence of great competition in apartment prices and rents, because the demand for this type of housing is large and the rent varies according to the Turkish province.

The negatives of youth accommodation Istanbul:

  • Lacking an element of safety, the resident must beware of the fraud and theft operations that are common in this type of housing, which occurs as a result of mixing with unknown people, not carrying large sums of money, and putting it in a bank account for safety.
  • Youth housing sometimes lacks hygiene, especially for young people because they are busy with studies or work and most of them are not accustomed to the idea of ​​cleaning their room.
  • Lack of privacy, as the number in one room inside the rented apartment, is not less than 4 people, which becomes an unsuitable situation for studying and studying in an appropriate atmosphere.

The areas of “Aksrai”, “Fatih” and “Taksim” are among the most popular areas in Istanbul, where youth housing is spread for its privileged location near the transportation lines, as well as “Esenyorit” and “Avcilar” areas.

The cost of youth accommodation Istanbul

The cost of youth housing in Turkey varies according to the Turkish province and the neighborhood in it, so we find that:

The cost of youth housing for one room in Istanbul is as follows:

In the Esenyurt area, 850 Turkish liras

In Avcilar area, 900 Turkish liras

In Basaksehir, 1100 Turkish liras

In Beyoglu  district , 2,900 Turkish liras

As for Trabzon, 400-500 Turkish liras

In Eskişehir province,   550-700 Turkish liras

In Bursa province,   500-800 Turkish liras

In Kocaeli province, 500-600 Turkish liras

These are the rental rates for one room in the youth housing, and the cost can be reduced by sharing the room with another student.

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