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Istanbul is a beautiful city blessed by God with the most beautiful landscapes and the most ancient historical and archaeological monuments. It is a city located between two great continents, Asia and Europe. The Bosphorus strait divides the city into two parts, the European section and the Asian section, each of which is filled with Turkish residents and tourists of different nationalities. For this reason, the city needed to provide sea transportation in Turkey to accommodate large numbers of residents, reduce the burden on land transportation, and help move between the two parts of the city.

Learn more about the types of sea transportation Turkey in Istanbul.

Types of sea transportation Turkey:

The sea transportation Turkey in Istanbul varies between sea ferries, private ferries, ferries dedicated to transporting cars, sea buses, and sea taxis, which are fun to ride due to the scenic views and wonderful sea views that Istanbul enjoys.

VAPUR sea ferry:

It is the oldest sea transportation Turkey in Istanbul, and it is affiliated with the Turkish municipality in Istanbul. The sea ferries provide a ride every 20 minutes for many routes, and there are small ports for the boarding of sea ferries, and these ports are called ISKELE. The ferries are spread in important areas on the European and Asian sides.

The capacity of the sea ferry is about 700-1200 people for the trip, and you can be charged for the trip using the Istanbul Transport Card.

You can learn about the characteristics of the Istanbul Card in detail through the following article

MOTO special ferries:

They are medium-sized vessels belonging to the private sector, where the fare is paid in cash or using the Istanbul Card in some of them.

There are many parking lots for municipal ferries. It is also located in the “Cartel” area, which is dedicated to going to the Princess Islands.

Ferries dedicated to transporting cars

The ferries designated for transporting passengers in sea transportation Turkey are an opportunity to take a break and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, and they are charged with transportation cards such as the “Istanbul Card”, and we find many ports dedicated to these ferries in the Sirkeci area in the European section, and the Haram area in the Asian section. These car ferries have routes to other cities outside Istanbul.

Sea ​​buses

It is a sea transportation Turkey that is characterized by its speed and has routes to many places in Istanbul. These buses belong to the municipality, and the fare can be paid in them using the Istanbul Card and get a good discount. The fare of this ship is relatively high compared to other ships.

The sea buses have stops and waiting places or the so-called private ports and these ports are located outside of Istanbul and in the Princes’ Islands

The most important marine bus routes are

  • “BOSTANCI” on the Asian side – “BAKIRKOY” on the European side.

The journey on this route takes approximately 45 minutes.

  • KADIKOY on the Asian side – KABATAST on the European side.
  • BUYU ADD Island, which is one of the Princess Islands.


It is a closed marine taxi that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has 27 starting points and a capacity of about 10 people. The fare is paid by bank credit card or cash. The price of a sea taxi is high compared to other transportation, and you can get acquainted with the prices and accurately estimate the fare through the following link:


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