5 important internet providers in turkey


As a resident of Turkey, knowing the internet providers in Turkey is really important. The World Wide Web or the Internet has now become an integral part of our daily life, and very few of us can live without it, especially if the matter is related to work, necessary communications, transportation, and travel.

There are many internet providers in Turkey that provide internet connection services throughout Turkey, allowing you to choose the most appropriate option for you based on the length of your stay, your budget, and the nature of your use of the Internet.

Most of the internet providers in Turkey provide excellent service, in adhering to the international standards of Internet quality. You can choose between many companies, and the subscription’s cost ranges from approximately 60 to 200 Turkish lira.

We will try to inform you about the most famous internet providers in Turkey, and how to subscribe to them in the following:

Internet providers in turkey

  • Turk Telekom (TTNET )

Different ways to subscribe with internet providers in Turkey

In general the internet in Turkey has medium-cost prices, and you can subscribe through:

First, Contract with the internet company for two years, and the monthly subscription fee is low. The company delivers and installs the internet service for free, and if you cancel the contract before two years, you will have to pay the Internet installation price (which you were exempted from it at the time of installation). You will also pay a fine for canceling the contract

Second, a one-year contract its monthly cost is greater than a two-year contract

Third, there is a subscription without a contract, but its cost is the highest.

Here you can find the most three respectable internet providers in Turkey

Turk Telekom (TTNET)

It is the largest internet service provider in Turkey. TTNET company serves more than 6 million subscribers, provides broadband services. It also provides high-tech offers to its subscribers in 81 provinces throughout the year.

TTNET Website:  https://telekom.internetkampanyafiber.com


It is one of the major telecommunications companies in Turkey, and it is a British multinational company.

It has agreements with more than 500 telecom companies around the world. Its career began in 1991 and entered Turkey in 2006 AD, with more than 20 million subscribers. It is characterized by the ability to purchase through the website and deliver lines to hotels without the need to go to the service provider’s branch.

It also offers distinctive packaging offers and has a marketing partnership with the chain market  USBear 101, From time to time, it offers to recharge and purchase  new lines at preferential prices.

Vodafone website: https://www.vodafone.com.tr/


One of the largest providers of communication services within the Turkish territory, as it began its work and provided its services in the world in 1994. Its headquarters is in Istanbul and it is one of the strongest Turkish communication networks and the third most important network in Europe. Its services are distinguished and it is widely spread throughout the Turkish cities and countryside.

It offers special internet packages that try to reach all classes of society. It has special cellular and internet packages for youth, retirees, merchants, businessmen, and women.

With this huge expansion, TURKCELL  recorded annual revenues of 3.7 billion lira in Turkey in 2016.

TURKCELL  Website: :https://www.turkcell.com.tr/

Every company seeks to excel and overcome all obstacles that it may encounter, to provide the best to its customers in Turkey and around the world. You can request to subscribe to any of the internet providers in Turkey and others, by calling the numbers available on each website, request the appropriate package for you, within two days the internet providers in Turkey would visit you in your home or the place where you want to connect to the Internet, and install a Wi-Fi device, and activate your Internet.

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