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“Bursa” or “God’s Gift” or “Green Bursa” as it is called by most Turks. Bursa is located in the northwest of the Republic of Turkey between Istanbul and Ankara.
It is Turkey’s fourth most populous city, with a population of about 2 million people and an area of 10.82 km². It is also one of the most important Turkish industrial cities.

Types of things to do in Bursa:

things to do in Bursa: entertainment tourism in Bursa

As it appears from its name green Bursa, it is a city in which there are many public gardens and parks all over it, such as “Bursa Cultural Park”, “Sukay Park”, “Bodrum Park”, “Lunapark”, “Zoo Garden” and “Old Historic Tree in hekal square”. In these places, you can enjoy watching different animals and rare plants, while eating a lot of delicious food and drinks from famous restaurants and cafes. one of the things to do in Bursa is taking a walk in the vast diverse forests scattered around it, the Great Waterfall and the Small Waterfall in Bursa.

things to do in Bursa: Sports and winter tourism in Bursa

The city of Bursa is surrounded by mountains, especially “Uludag” mountain, which is considered the most famous mountain in Turkey and a world-famous ski resort in which international ski competitions are held, where it is covered with snow in the winter for skiing, and covered with wonderful greenery in the summer to become a tourist resort for all seasons of the year, you can also experience riding the teleferic (cable car), the trip takes about 22 minutes and it covers the distance of 8.2 kilometers.



things to do in Bursa: Cultural tourism in Bursa

Bursa also contains historical, archaeological, and cultural treasures, as its libraries contain about 7000 manuscripts in Turkish, Persian, and Arabic languages, and do not forget the tombs of the Ottoman sultans scattered throughout Bursa and the Ottoman buildings where Bursa was the capital of the Ottoman state from 1326 to 1335 AD for that Many in Turkey call it the land of the sultans.

things to do in Bursa: Medical tourism in Bursa

We also find mineral water baths such as the new bath and the bath of Kara Mustafa Pasha, which made Bursa a good place for medical tourism, and a lot of hot springs are found in the east of Bursa that contains sulfur and iron with hot water.

The most important industries that Bursa is famous for:

Bursa is considered one of the most important Turkish industrial cities, due to the presence of many different industries that serve the Turkish economy, such as:
Auto industry.
Steel and cable industry.
Dairy industry and its products.
electrical industry.
Steel industry.
Textile industry.
Food preservation industry.

Good transportation links Bursa with the rest of the Republic of Turkey, as well as domestic flights to and from Bursa Airport.

The green city of Bursa has two public universities:

Uludag University:

The first university in Bursa was established in 1975. It was called Bursa University in the beginning. It has 13 faculties with different specializations such as medicine, engineering, literary sciences, educational sciences, and others, in addition to 4 institutes, 4 institutes of higher education, and 15 institutes of higher vocational education.

Bursa Technical University.

The second university was established in Bursa after Uludag University. It was established in 2010. It contains 6 faculties in different specialties, including arts, engineering, humanities, and natural sciences, and studies in them are in both English and Turkish, in addition to two institutes and a higher education institute.

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