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When thinking about traveling to a country for the purpose of tourism, work or otherwise, the most important step that must be taken into account and studied before travel is to search for suitable housing and we are here to talk about housing in Turkey, the country to which travelers come from all over the world because of its tourist and economic fame. Let’s get to know in this article the types of housing in Turkey and how to choose the right housing in Turkey.

how to pick home turkey

we understand and appreciate these concerns. therefore, we’ve put solid guidelines and recommendations in place to help you in the safest and smoothest way possible helping you how to pick home Turkey

How to pick home turkey ?

There are a set of main factors that must be considered when choosing how to pick home Turkey to live in:

  • The distance or proximity of the residence to the place of work.
  • Availability of public transportation to get to work easily.
  • The proximity of housing to services, schools, and hospitals.
  • Is the property suitable for housing or not? The requirements of a family in housing differ from those of young people, and to clarify this step, one must know the types of properties offered for housing in Turkey so that you can choose between them and best how to pick home Turkey.

Types of suitable housing in Turkey:

Residential complexes:

It is a type of housing suitable for big families. These are buildings belonging to a real estate company and there are many services provided, all with annual financial amounts. The residential complexes are characterized by the presence of parks within them suitable for children and enable them to practice their activities,

And for this, it is very expensive, as rents start from 1,000 Turkish liras and increase according to the services provided by the complex management.

Apartments or rooms in rental apartments:

It is a type of housing suitable for young people and families looking for affordable housing and how to pick home Turkey at an average price helping you how to pick home Turkey

This type of housing provides a lot of safety and psychological comfort on personal property, unlike other types that we will talk about, such as: “pansies” and “hostels”. The rents of apartments in Turkey range from 300 to 1000 liras per month.

They differ according to the city, so we find prices are higher in Istanbul than in remote cities.

The price also varies depending on the type of apartment, whether it is furnished or unfurnished,

In both cases, there will be a security deposit, usually a month or two of the rent value, which is paid in advance to the owner of the apartment,

There is also a commission (rental fee) which is paid to the brokerage office or broker if you are going to rely on it to search for the appropriate apartment,

In the absence of a broker who pays the owner the rent and the security deposit only,

In the event that a broker wants to intervene, one must beware of swindlers when dealing, and often you will find them spread across metro stations, especially Aksrai metro in Istanbul, and a contract can be written or not according to the agreement, and in this case a security deposit is not taken.

Sometimes some people in Turkey make good use of rental apartments and make small profitable projects.

They rent a group of apartments and pay their insurance and commissions,

Then they display it for rent again on social media pages as a youth residence in the individual or in the room,

The price per person starts from 200 pounds per month, and its advantage for the lessor is that it does not need to pay insurance or commissions.

The price varies according to the services in the apartment such as water, gas, electricity, internet, as well as the location of the apartment.

Hotels in Turkey:

Hotel rents are rising in Turkey, and we find that night starts from 1000 liras in 5-star hotels, and rents vary according to the class of the hotel, its location, and the services provided in it.

hotel Apartments:

It is affiliated with a hotel administration from which it is booked and contracted like a hotel,

And the accounting system will be by night, by week, or by month, according to an agreement with the management of the place.


It consists of buildings consisting of several floors, and on each floor there are several rooms, and in a room there are a number of beds starting from two and sometimes up to 10 beds, and, the rental prices in the pensions range from 10 Turkish liras to 50 Turkish liras per night,

And the price varies according to the number of beds in the room and the services provided in it, and the cleanliness of the pension.

These places are suitable for young people who are looking for work or wanting to study,

And it is widely spread in Istanbul in the Aksaray region, Istanbul municipality, Eminonu and Taksim.

Usually this type of housing lacks safety, especially in rooms that have a large number of members. It is better to be careful and put your money in a credit card and it is sufficient for you to carry a small amount that is sufficient for one day.

And keep your important papers such as a passport, etc. in a safe place.

In the event that you want security in dealing and avoiding fraud, you can use one of the wonderful applications on the Internet that help in searching for suitable housing without commission or brokerage, as the deal is with the owner directly,

On this site you will find rentals and sales of apartments, lands, cars, etc.


The hostel:

It is a type of housing better than the pension, but it is similar in many details except for the quality of services provided and cleanliness, and the night in the hostel starts from 25 TL and increases according to the quality of the place and this type is suitable for young people and can be used for families as well.

The reason for your stay or residence in Turkey also is a major factor in your search for how to pick home Turkey. Check this article to know the types of visas or residency permits in Turkey.

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