3 best app for ordering food in turkey

app for ordering food in turkey

app for ordering food in turkey and household supplies are necessary in light of what Turkey and the world are suffering from the repercussions of the Coronavirus crisis, And the Turkish government motivates people to stay in their homes and not to go out unless it is necessary in order to protect themselves and the people around them, some people prefer not to leave their house at all, even to buy their necessities. As there are several modern applications, which are applications for ordering home supplies and all needs,

 You will receive everything you need without the need to risk contacting people in this period of critical days, get to know with us in this article about this practical and useful app for ordering food in turkey.

 app for ordering food in turkey: Getir application

 The founder of this platform, Nazim Salor, was named “Best Entrepreneur” in Turkey for the year 2017. After the starting of this project, its profits grew by 40% in the last year by delivering more than 100,000 orders per month, as the task of the application is to deliver various household goods to consumers within 10 minutes, All the food, legumes, detergents and all the home’s needs are delivered to the customer.

 The application is divided into sections

 There is also a section for restaurants and home delivery:

 titled Getirfood: 

And this application asks you to add your specific location and address in detail to show you a long list of cafes, restaurants, and the menu of the meals that can be delivered to you after you choose what you want. 

app for ordering food in turkey: YemekSepeti “Food Basket” app

 This application also asks you to add your specific location and address in detail to show you a long list of cafes, restaurants, and the menu of the meals that can be delivered to you. 

This application is the most famous in Turkey, where it was founded in 2000 and the number of users exceeded 5.2 million users and 134 million orders, most of them from Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, which led to an increase in the number of workers to 400, Where the data shows that 300 orders are sent between 7 and 9 pm daily.

This application contains a list of the most famous international and local restaurants and cafes in Turkey With high service, the exact time it will take for the order to reach you is determined.

the official website of the applicationhere

 The application includes about 13 thousand and 260 restaurants in various parts of Turkey. 

There is also a section in the application

Titled Banabi:

While Yemeksepeti is mostly for food delivery, Banabi is for groceries shopping and it is distinguished by its variety of market products, their high customer care, and their fast delivery that reaches you within 15 minutes.

app for ordering food in turkey: Istegelsin application

This is one of the highly recommended applications for shopping in Istanbul, Ankara, and Kocaeli it was founded in 2018 and it contains many varieties and thousands of products, it is divided into many sections for home necessities such as fruits, vegetable legumes, meats, dairies and it also contains some electronic appliances alongside with clothes, beauty, and makeup products so that you won’t have to leave your house at all.

The delivery is fast and you can even track your order by entering the order tracking number to see the updates

The official website of the application: here

These two applications are among the best app for ordering food in turkey and household supplies online:

letgo application for buying and selling anything used in Turkey

the Mobile applications for university students in Turkey are indispensable

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