10 places in famous Galata area Istanbul


Galata area Istanbul is one of the important neighborhoods in Istanbul, and it is an important social and cultural center in the city, as it includes many monuments and activities that you must do. These activities are important shrines that every tourist is keen to visit and enjoy during their visit to Istanbul. Learn about 10 important tourist shrines in the Galata area Istanbul through the following article.

Galata area Istanbul

10 important tourist shrines in the Galata area Istanbul:

1 – Galata or Galta Tower:

This tower is one of the most visited landmarks of the city due to the availability of a wonderful view of Istanbul from above the tower and the presence of a large square surrounding the tower, including seating areas, cafes and restaurants, spread around the tower and in the surrounding streets,

2- The Dervish Show:

The performances of the Dervish group are available in a place called Dergalata (Dirlish), where these performances have become an important tradition in Istanbul and a distinctive landmark of the charming city,

And these shows are groups of men wearing old Turkish clothes and distinguished by the large red fez on the head.

And they spin in a distinctive way to the melodies of some Islamic supplications and their duration is a few minutes, so do not miss watching these shows.

3- St. Anthony’s Church in Padua in Istanbul:

It is the largest Catholic church in Istanbul called St. Anthony’s Church (after St. Anthony of Padua)

It is distinguished by its architectural style, which attracts tourists. It was built between 1906 – 1912 AD, and the church is still operating until now.

4 – Istiklal Street:

It is one of the most important and famous streets of Istanbul, and it is a great place for shopping, as there are many shops selling antiques and accessories, and also restaurants and cafes that receive tourists throughout the day.

5. Istanbul Museum of Modern Art:

It is the first modern and contemporary art museum to be opened in Istanbul. The museum is located in the famous Galata area Istanbul of Beyoglu district

The museum’s goal is to spread full awareness of the beauty of Turkish culture and the creativity of traditional Turkish art.

The museum includes a periodic exhibition hall, a photo gallery, educational programs, a library, a cinema, a café and a shop that hosts multiple workshops.

More information about the exhibition of modern art can be found on the exhibition’s official website:


6- Galata Bridge:

It is one of the famous old Ottoman bridges in Istanbul. The bridge is used to cross cars and buses between the European and Asian sections of Istanbul, passing through the charming Bosphorus Strait, and you can enjoy watching the most beautiful views of the Bosphorus and the atmosphere of Istanbul from over the famous bridge.

7- The Jewish Museum:

In the past, the city of Istanbul included many communities of different religions, and the Jewish community was one of the largest in the city, and for this reason, the Jewish Museum was built at the time, which currently includes documents and photos useful for researchers and information collectors.

8 – Kamondo Stairs:

It is a staircase or a group of ancient stairs built in a distinctive way in one of the streets of the Galata district in Istanbul,

It is an important landmark of the city due to its unique design, built with the Ottoman style.

It was named by this name in relation to the name of the house next to the stairs, which is the home of a European Jewish family that settled in the area in the past in 1490 AD.

9- Galata District Stores:

The Galata area Istanbul, located in the “Beyoglu” district, includes many of the most famous stores and boutiques of international designers, it displays many famous brands.

These stores are very popular with tourists in Istanbul, where they find what they want to buy from unique and distinctive products, such as clothes, antiques, accessories and furniture.

10 – Galatasaray Turkish Club:

Galata neighborhood includes a social and sports club, one of the most famous clubs in Turkey.

It is the Turkish club Galatasaray and it is the most famous among Turkish football fans.

Do not miss visiting the place where the club is located and entering to attend a match in the club’s main stadium, which is the famous Turkish team stadium.

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