10 most popular parks in Istanbul


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Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and one of the richest with great historical and tourist attractions. A visit to Turkey is not complete without a walk in the wonderful gardens of Turkey scattered throughout the Republic of Turkey, which is taken care of by the Turkish government in particular. They are not just parks, but a heritage that has been known since ancient times. Most of Turkey’s gardens belonged to ancient archaeological palaces spanning the past centuries.



10 most popular parks in Istanbul:

Emirgan Park in Istanbul:

It is a huge park, one of the 10 most popular parks in Istanbul, located near the Bosphorus Strait in the European section of Istanbul, And it has the most famous types of wonderful flowers in distinct shapes and colors, It has been planted in a harmonious and tidy way to attract Turks and tourists, especially in the spring.

In addition to the playgrounds scattered throughout the park.

Yildiz Park in Istanbul:

It is the largest park in the city of Istanbul on an area of ​​25 acres and is located in the city center in the European section between Besiktas and Ortakoy, it has been completely renovated recently to become one of the ten most famous gardens in Turkey, And many playgrounds designed for different ages were added and many booths serving drinks and snacks were placed.

The Park is located on one of the seven huge hills in Istanbul and has a river running through it, from which many streams and waterfalls branch.

Dolmabahce Palace Garden in Istanbul:

They are gardens scattered around the famous Dolmabahce Palace in the European section of Istanbul.

Its beauty and splendor show the extent of the care that these gardens receive, like most of Turkey’s gardens, and when you walk around the garden, you can find many lanterns, vases, and statues spread throughout it.

Gulhane Park in Istanbul:

It is also one of the parks with many flowers, and this is evidenced by the Arabic meaning of its name (House of Flowers), There are many unique flowers scattered throughout the garden.

Gulhane Park is located in the “Eminonu” area near the Topkapi Palace, as the garden was once part of the outer garden of the palace and was dedicated to the picnic of the Sultan and his women.

It also, like most of Turkey’s parks, contains playgrounds and entertainment areas for children,

The Museum of Islamic Science and Technology was included in the park in 2008, which includes many rare documents and ancient researches of Muslim scholars and how they affected the progress of mankind.

The Bride’s hill in Istanbul (Camlica hill):

It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, on one of the seven hills of Istanbul within the “uskudar” region.

This park, which is one of the 10 most popular parks in Istanbul, is one of the most important visits that are included in any distinctive tourist program in Istanbul due to its charming nature and its unique view from a great height, which makes the tourist see the most beautiful panorama of the city of Istanbul from this place that will not be erased from his memory,

The park consists of two areas:

The great hill “Büyük Çamlıca” has a height of 267 meters above sea level.

The small hill “Kuchuk Çamlica” has a height of 229 meters above sea level.

 No park is free of beautiful forests, paved walking paths, and wonderful types of roses arranged in elegant shapes that attract tourists.

Vialand Park in Istanbul:

A large park located in the Golden Horn of Istanbul in the European section, 10 minutes from “Sirkeci Eminonu”, The park occupies an area of ​​600 thousand square meters at a cost of one billion and one hundred and fifty million Turkish liras.

With your family, you can spend a fun day in this park and enjoy an atmosphere of fun and entertainment, It contains entertaining games for adults and children.

In the park, there is a “Drop Tower” to enjoy the most beautiful view that you will see from a height of 50 meters,

And in the park, there are streets designed in the old style, and you will find old houses, beautiful fountains, and shops that take you to the historical atmosphere of Istanbul.

For nature exploration enthusiasts, the park provides “safari adventure trips” for groups of people through which they can wander through the forests for many hours and explore the beautiful nature.

In addition to a 5D cinema, you will enjoy stereoscopic movies and plays that will transport you to an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

 do not forget to wander in the shopping center located in the garden, which contains clothing stores, perfumes, and shoes with the most famous international brands, as well as a large group of restaurants serving the most delicious Turkish food.

Fenerbahce Park (Manara Park) in Istanbul:

It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and the park had a special place during the Ottoman era, in addition to the presence of the old lighthouse that was built in the thirties of the last century and used to guide ships to sail through the Bosphorus Strait and the Turkish coast.

In addition to unique types of flowers and plants, and its position was preserved until now thanks to the special care provided by the Turkish government to the gardens spread in Istanbul.

Many picnic areas, walking and jogging paths, a dog park, and a car park have also been added.

the most beautiful thing that can be seen in the garden is the open panoramic view from multiple directions to the Princess Islands, Sultanahmet Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Hagia Sophia Museum.

Golden Park in Ankara:

This garden is located in the “ALTINDAG” area, and it is a garden of a special nature, as it includes an Olympic swimming pool, Kindergartens, summer schools, music fairs and other areas of entertainment, Which makes it a center of attraction for the Turkish population and families of tourists with children who want to enjoy and take a walk and benefit from the cultural activities of the park.

Kugulu Park (Swan park) in Ankara:

It is one of the 10 most popular parks in Istanbul, and the most beautiful parks in Ankara, and as it appears from its name, large swans are spread there, which is one of the symbols of the city of Ankara, along with ducks and geese, all of which you will find swimming in the lake

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Karaalioglu Park in Antalya:

Antalya is famous as a wonderful summer resort due to its beaches on the Mediterranean Sea.

Antalya is also famous for its Karliogloa Park, which is located in the city center and overlooks a unique view of the bay of Antalya.

This is the secret of the beauty of the park, which is one of the 10 most popular parks in Istanbul and is easily accessible via public transportation in Antalya.

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